Starter Guide

Starter Guide

There are may different options when it comes to feeding raw and it can sometimes feel like a minefield. There will be alot of talk about 'Biologically appropriate', 'BARF' and 'Prey method' but they are all essentially raw food diets. It comes down to feeding the very best customised food and in time you will learn what is best for you and your dogs.

How Much..?


As a guideline dogs need between 2-3% of their body weight per day. Typically 3 % for underweight dogs, 2.5% to maintain weight and 2% for overweight dogs. However, activity levels can have an effect on weight so adjust quantity as necessary.


Getting Started..


There are 2 ways of switching to a raw food diet, gradual or simple switch. For a gradual approach simply swap one of the kibble meals to raw and gradually increase the amount of raw whilst decreasing the kibble. The second option is a simple switch, feed the last kibble meal one evening and replace with the raw food the next morning. Tripe is a very good place to start. Although very stinky (you may possibly need a peg!) it has huge nutritional benefits and is very easily digested. Tripe can be fed for a few days before introducing different proteins, bones, offal and supplements. 

A ratio of 80/10/10 is a good place to start (80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal).


Bones are an essential part of raw feeding but be careful not to overfeed as they can make your dog's poo white, hard and crumbly. If you suspect your dog is eating too much bone then reduce bone treats and increase offal. Some dogs can tolerate bone alot better than others and even if you are feeding a complete food, bones can still be fed infrequently to maintain sparkly white teeth and can also help release emotional tension and anxiety.

If you don't want to feed raw bone this is not a major problem as the complete meals contain ground bone which will meet your dogs nutritional requirements.

Never ever feed cooked bones and always ensure dogs are supervised when eating bones. If you are not sure where to start with bones, chicken wings/ turkey necks are great for starter bones.

How do I keep my raw food...?

Either defrost the meat in a fridge overnight or, simply leave to defrost in the same way you would safely defrost any meat you would eat yourself. All defrosted meats need to be kept in a fridge and consumed within 3-4 days.


Is raw food more expensive..?

 We have a variety of products to suit all pockets. Please get in contact with us and ask or browse our products for prices. We regularly provide promotions and offers, so visit our Facebook, Instagram pages or alternatively call or email us now.

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